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Cabin Insurance


Protect your seasonal home with a specialty policy.

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Cabin Insurance Is Like Home Insurance...Kind Of.

Whether your vacation home is a small, inherited cottage in the woods or an upscale lakeside cabin in a gated community, you need a policy that will protect its value and your responsibility for liability on the property. Cabin insurance will cover many of the same losses as a primary home insurance policy, but your cabin’s unique risks when left unattended – like theft, vandalism, fire, unruly renters, and more – qualify it for a unique insurance policy.

Our Cabin Insurance Policies Can Cover:

  • Older/Lower Value Homes
  • Personal Property
  • Premises Liability
  • Vandalism
  • Limited Burglary & Theft
  • And more

Ask Us How to Keep Your Cabin Protected

Our agents understand how important your vacation home is to you and your family. Determining which insurance is right for your second home can be a difficult decision to make, especially since second home insurance premiums tend to cost more than primary home insurance. Trust us to shop our carriers and find you the best solution for protecting your seasonal home all year round!

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