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Can Your Business Improve Your Work Comp Experience Mod?

Owning and operating a business can be very rewarding and potentially very profitable, but it can also be very expensive. Having inventory, property, taxes, and especially employees – it all comes with costs. But some of those costs can be controlled, is your workers’ compensation insurance one of them? Possibly so, and the source of control may be your experience modification factor (also known as experience mod rate, EMR, xmod, Mod, and more). Let’s review how.

Safety Programs

As you can read in another of our Blogs, your Mod is based on the comparison of your business to others in your industry. The average Mod is 1.0, so your business will be higher or lower depending on the circumstances. If you have a good business history with minimal and less severe claims, you will likely have a Mod lower than 1.0.

So, can you lower this Mod? Yes, and having a safety program in place is a great first step. To build one, take steps that include examining your risks, determining processes, deciding who is responsible for them, documenting the plan, and implementing/reviewing the plan and its results.

Your Data

Insurance companies are underwriting your coverage to predict future losses. They’ll review your company’s history and compare it to others in your industry. Making sure this data is accurate is critical. What are your employees’ roles, and are they classified properly. Is the industry you’re being compared with accurate to the work your company does? Do they understand your safety plan and the risk management measures you have in place. Work with your agent and the insurance company to be sure this information is complete and accurate.

Covering Investment Property Risks

What you actually need to cover investment property may still vary, but let’s start with the basics. Investment property, rental property, or even sometimes call landlord risk – these insurance policies are designed to cover you for losses to property you are renting out to others. Property damage, injuries, theft, and liability are all parts of this coverage you need to understand and know your limits for in the policy you have in place. You also need to keep in mind that while some coverages may be “bundled” into policies, there are often additional gaps to address. For example, sewer backup or flood insurance are unlikely to be included in these policies. Other considerations like loss of income or tenant rent default should also be discussed.

Claims Prevention

In addition to safety on-site, preventative measures can be taken before the job ever starts. Onboarding, training, screening, and testing of employees and potential hires can help you save.

In addition to safety, the above steps may help your company run more efficiently – which may lead to happier employees and higher profit margins. It’s a win-win!

Let us help you understand your Mod and the options you have to improve it! Contact Brandon Patterson at 865.453.1414 or email and let us help you get started.