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Don’t Let Lack of Insurance Put the “Pest” in Pest Control

Your pest control company may have plenty of risks that seem obvious. If you have employees, they have risks in the course of their duties, and workers’ compensation is a clear answer for how to cover some of those risks. If you have vehicles, you could certainly put together that you need commercial auto insurance. But what about the risks that may not be as obvious? Let’s look at a few that could be a major pest for your company.

Job Site Pollution
Your team probably works with a lot of chemicals as part of your services. These chemicals need to be carefully managed and controlled, especially on the job site when they’re in use. If an incident occurs and the chemicals spill, get oversprayed, applied in the wrong area(s), etc. – your company may be held liable for any damages and clean-up. Since there are regulations about the clean-up process, the total cost can add up quickly. Will your insurance policy respond? Not unless you have the right coverages in place.

In Transport Pollution
In addition to the job site, your company also faces risk when transporting chemicals to their intended location. If your vehicle is in an accident, has a container that is not properly secured, or has a similar issue that results in the spilling or loss of hazardous chemicals, you may be held liable. Again, without the right insurance policy in place, the costs for control and clean-up may fall completely on you.

Termite Treatment and Inspection
If your company is used for inspecting for termites, a situation might arise where an employee misses active termites. If you treat for termites, you may have a scenario where the treatment is not effective or complete. If one of these issues occurs, it’s possible that your company will be held liable. Without the right insurance policy, your general liability coverage may not respond in these cases – or if it does – the limits may be too low to adequately cover your expense.

Tools & Equipment
In addition to your company’s tools and equipment, some of your jobs may require items that are borrowed, rented, or leased. If these items are damaged or stolen, will they be covered? They may not be unless your policy extends coverage for them.

As you can see from the examples above, pest control insurance is best suited for policies that are tailored for your company’s risks. We can help you discuss a program that best fits your coverage needs. Contact Brandon Patterson at 865.453.1414 or for more information.