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What Does a “High Net Worth” Client Look Like in Insurance?

You may have seen the term “high net worth” somewhere and thought, “That’s not me, we’re not ‘rich’ we’re just upper middle class.” But when it comes to insurance, high net worth is more about value than wealth.

Consider homes as an example. A high value home is typically one that is valued at $750,000 or higher. With inflation and today’s property values, your home may fall in that range now, even if you didn’t pay that much to buy it. But if the size, location, and/or values of homes around you have increased – your home likely is worth more too.

In addition, do you have a more expensive vehicle? What about multiple vehicles? Do you have a boat, RV, ATV, or other additional vehicles? Do you have a gun collection, jewelry, or other personal property that might be worth more than your current policy’s limits. All these things add up, and they may need more coverage than is offered by “standard” home and auto policies.

Property isn’t the only place you face risk; you have personal liability as well. And the more you have, the more you may be sued for if someone feels you are responsible for some type of “damage” to them. Lawsuits are more common now, as are larger court judgments and settlements. Having more coverage for personal liability can help protect you and your assets.

So, do you need “special” coverage?

Maybe not “special” coverage, but you very well might need “different” coverage. Important things to check include:

  • Property limits on your policy – are they high enough for the value?
  • Coverage language like Replacement Cost versus Actual Cash Value – would you want to pay the difference if you had a claim?
  • Liability limits on your policy – lawsuits can be costly and adding more may not be as expensive as you’d think.

Things you should consider to better protect yourself:

  • Get the current property value of your home assessed and match your policy limits closer to that value
  • Take precautions to protect your property like home security systems, protection devices, home & roof inspections, and discussing safety with your family
  • Discuss valuable items like jewelry, firearms, and collections with your insurance agent to see if they need to scheduled on your policy
  • Consider a Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP) for additional protection

Make sure you understand your current policies, coverages, and limits. Review what you have and what you may need on a regular basis to make sure changes have been accounted for properly. It can make a huge difference in your protection whether you’re high net worth or not!

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