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It’s Fall! Are There More Risks in Store this Season?

There is a large contingent of people that excitedly await the Fall season. In our region, the turning leaves, crisp weather, and seasonal décor make for a pretty sight. But this season also brings some risks for you and your property, and it’s a good time to prepare and avoid these potential issues.

Wild Animal Incidents
As the weather changes, the habitats for deer, bears, foxes, and more change. Their food may be scarcer, causing them to wander further than normal. This can lead to them walking on roadways and exploring more populated areas. In fact, statistics show that the majority of vehicle accidents involving animals occur between October and December. These are even more common at dawn and dusk, so be vigilant when you’re on the road this season.

Fire and Smoke-related Incident
We get it, a cozy fire can sound very nice when the evenings cool down. But fireplaces, candles, and wood stoves can lead to issues. Almost a third of smoke and fire claims occur during the Fall and Winter months, and stats show that over $7 billion per year of property is lost in house fires. Please make sure fireplaces and chimneys are clear, candles are kept in occupied areas, and wood stoves are monitored.

Leaves Can Be a Culprit
The colors of Fall can be beautiful, but they call it Fall for a reason. The leaves that collect on roofs, gutters, yards, sidewalks, and roads can cause damage – both directly and indirectly. Clogged gutters can lead to water damage, sidewalks and roads can be slick with wet leaves, and uncleared leaves on the ground can damage grass and landscaping. Be sure to clear your gutters, rake your yard, and be careful on those leaf-covered passages.

Have other questions about your seasonal risks? Contact Brandon Patterson at 865.453.1414 or email and he’ll be happy to discuss it and provide you info on the coverage you need.