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What Do Rising Property Values Mean for Your Insurance?


“It’s a seller’s market” is a term you’ve probably heard lately. Across East Tennessee, the average home value has gone up by about $73,000, with sale prices in early 2021 increasing by over 5% compared to last year according to the Federal Finance Housing Agency (FFHA). While an increase in inventory in 3rd Quarter may make an impact, there are no signs of a major “cooling” of the market. So, what does all this mean for your insurance? It depends on several factors.


Market Value vs. Replacement Cost
Generally, an increase in the market value of your home will not have a direct impact on your insurance coverage. That’s because your policy will likely have coverage based on replacement costs. However, replacement costs may be different in the current market, as there are worker and supply shortages throughout the construction and renovation industry.


Increased Value Due to Renovations
Have you redone your bathroom or kitchen? Added a hot tub or maybe a garage or unattached structure like a shed? These are perfect examples of when your coverage needs to be reviewed. Replacement costs for new rooms, structures, and fixtures will likely be different than what may be covered on your current policy.


Change in Your Risk
With new neighborhoods and developments being built, there may be changes in the risks to your property. For example, flood risk can be higher in heavily paved areas that do not allow for adequate drainage. Earth movement can loosen trees and even increase risk for sinkholes. It’s important to consider how these factors may impact your own property, even if you’re not directly a part of the construction.


Consulting with your insurance agent to review your policy’s coverages is an important step for both the renewal of your policy and your own annual financial review. Make sure you’re letting your agent know of changes like the above, as well as other purchases, additions, or alterations that might impact what you need covered. Don’t wait for a claim to find out you needed more coverage!


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