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Covering Your Trailer and the Objects You’re Hauling

As the weather warms up, more and more people are getting outdoors to enjoy nature. Maybe it’s boating on the water, taking an ATV off road, setting up camp in the woods, or getting projects done outside. And one thing all these might have in common is that trailers may be involved to move the items to their intended destinations. As you’re hauling, you may be wondering – am I covered? Let’s review some of the circumstances.

Covered by Your Auto Policy?

In most cases, the coverage of your trailer – while in use for hauling – will fall under the policy of the auto hauling it. But keep in mind that if you have liability only coverage for your auto, the same would apply for your trailer. In addition, the contents you are hauling on your trailer are not typically covered in these policies.

Boat Trailers

If you have a specific trailer for your boat or other watercraft, you may be able to purchase coverage under your boat insurance policy. However, unless you have designated the trailer as “dual purpose” on your policy, you are unlikely to be covered if you haul something on the trailer other than your watercraft.

Camper Trailers

Because of their different risks, you will likely need a separate policy to cover any kind of pop-up or camper trailer. In addition, the value of a campers “contents” alone would likely make it a wise decision to have specific coverage in place for them.

Other Coverages

Trailer-specific coverages, personal umbrella policies, and additions or endorsements to other policies may be available to cover your trailer and its contents.

In Tennessee, there is not a requirement for registration or insurance if you have a boat, farm, utility, or pop-up trailer. Other trailers do have registration laws in Tennessee, and since insurance for the auto hauling the trailer is required, there are still some approximate rules for coverage in the state no matter what you’re hauling with your trailer.

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